Coins With Double Errors

May 30, 2009

Australia 1967 20 cent Clipped Planchet and Partial Collar Error

One thing you don't see too often when you're looking at error coins are coins with two errors or double error coins. They are rare enough that if you're at all interested in collecting error coins that you should snaffle up double error coins whenever you happen to see one. In my time collecting and looking at error coins I can recall seeing exactly 4 double error coins. I dont count double clipped planchet error coins as double error coins as they are really just a class of clipped planchet error.

The double error coins I've seen are a clipped blank planchet (it's questionable whether a blank planchet is an error anyway), an indent error with a partial collar, and two clipped planchet errors with partial collar errors. I'm lucky enough to own a few of these double errors that I've seen including the last one, the clipped planchet with a partial collar error.

You can see this above, an Australian 1967 20 cent coin with a large clipped planchet and the corresponding weakness in the rim opposite the clipped area. The is a tell tale sign of a true clipped planchet, the so called 'Blakesley Effect'. As a clipped planchet error this is a lovely example, the coin is a nice high grade. However, to top it all off the coin is ALSO a partial collar error! The 'railroad' rim is obvious on the coin edge, with the reeding imparted by the collar only going half way down the edge of the coin. This shows that the coin was only partially engaged with the collar when it was struck.

Posted by mnemtsas at May 30, 2009 3:59 PM
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