Q&A- 2000 $1 Coin

June 1, 2009


Hi i heard along the grape vine that the australian dollar coin, dated 2000, was rare because of a small print amount that year. The one i got isnt in mint condition, but i was just wondering if you knew what it was worth? If your not sure would you be able to direct me into who would know? Yours


Hi, Thanks for your email and thanks for reading our blog. The 2000 mob of roos design one dollar is a relatively low mintage of 7, 592,000 with a McDonalds catalogue value of $50 in uncirculated condition. However, if this coin has been pulled from circulation, either in your change or maybe out of a poker machine then it isn't worth any more than one dollar ........except if you've been incredibly lucky and found a mule. If you haven't read our post about how to identify a 2000 $1/10 cent mule then please have a look. Happy Collecting, The australian-threepence.com blog team

Posted by harrisk at June 1, 2009 8:35 PM
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