Australian 20c Coins: 2003 Australia's Volunteers 20c

December 2, 2010

2003 Australia's Volunteers 20c

Honouring those individuals in the community that are quietly "making a difference", this 20c coin gives a face and recognition to their hard work. The coin above is a proof strike but you will find the circulation coins in your change of which 7,574,000 were released into circulation. Issued in 2003 this theme was followed across the Royal Australian Mint proof and mint sets as they released a commemorative one dollar and commemorative 50c in these sets and into circulation.

4 million dedicated Australian's volunteer each year and these coins pay tribute and are a credit to their tireless hard work. They are the unsung volunteers who together form the backbone of Australian society. The reverse design depicts a group of volunteers displaying their diversity. A kaleidoscope of volunteers giving freely of their time to help others and benefit their communities. A fitting image on a twenty cent piece designed by Vladimir Gottwald. The opposing side of the coin, the obverse, features the effigy used on all current legal tender. The Royal endorsed portrait of Queen Elizabeth II designed by Ian Rank-Broadley. IRB initials can be seen at the base of the portrait.

The twenty cent is a 28.52mm round coin with continuous edge milling or reeding. It is composed of 75% copper and 25% nickel known as cupro-nickel and weighs 11.31g.

A fitting tribute the 2003 Year Set of both uncirculated and proof coins is a stirring salute to the legion containing this 20c and the commemorative 50c and one dollar.
2003 unc set mintage 80,512
2003 proof set mintage 39,090

Special inclusions of this coin are the:
2003 Wedding Set in gem uncirulated finish mintage 3,249 and
2003 Fine Silver Year Set in pure silver proof finish mintage 6,500

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