2011 One Dollar 4 Coin Set -C Mintmark and S, B and M Privymark

January 18, 2011

Collectors who have been eager to obtain the new C mintmark Shilling Ram One Dollar for 2011 in uncirculated aluminium bronze have been told by the CEO of the Royal Australian Mint Mr MacDiarmid that they would have to visit the Mint's Gallery Presses to obtain this coin.

In a press release dated January 1st 2011 Mr MacDiarmid said "This collectible coin is an exclusive offer and one which will be sought after by many collectors. It is only available to make at our store in Canberra and bears a 'C for Canberra' mark on it, making it a memento to keep forever".

Collectors unable to obtain this coin in this way are now able to purchase it in the 4 coin uncirculated set available from the Royal Australian Mint, mail order and coin dealers. The four coin set features the C mintmark, S privy mark, B privy mark and M privy mark coins in a package similar to what we see Mint Sets housed. There were 2 releases of these sets issued in 2010 and the same is said to be minted in 2011 with a second set to be released later in the year.

Keep an eye out for these sets available from your local coin dealer or your Mini Mint Issue from the Royal Australian Mint in your mailbox soon. Issue price is $15.

The heads up too is that there will be a ballot issue for those keen on obtaining a gold proof version of the C mintmark 2011 $1 Shilling Ram. Likely to be approx. $1950 this might be a bit pricey for most collectors, more info to come soon!

Posted by harrisk at January 18, 2011 3:32 PM
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