'Unexpected Treasures from the Royal Australian Mint' Error Coin Exhibition

September 7, 2011

Over the next day in Melbourne a display of "whoops" coins from the Royal Australian Mint
is being shown in Federation Square. It highlights mistakes and mishaps in the minting process and also explains that some can be found in your change if you look carefully enough.

A unique collection form the Mint's own collection includes ramstrikes, misstrikes, double strikes, brockages, brockage indents, die fill, split planchets, wrong planchets, clips, cuds and die adjustment (differing pressure) strikes. The sorts of errors some of us can only dream to have in our collections.

Also displayed is a collection found in circulation by one of the countries most passionate dollar collectors. 'Goldseeker' has 'noodled' over 2.3 million aluminium bronze dollars searching for 2001 Centenary of Federation Upsets, Rabbits and the 2000 $1/10c mule. Goldy's display features a clockface of (a selection of) the degrees of upset that can be found on the 2001 COF dollar (the die rotated the entire 360 degrees), a selection of rabbit eared mob of roos dollars and a high grade mule.

Goldseekers Clockface, Rabbit and Mule Display (image courtesy SJS Melbourne Correspondent)

Posted by harrisk at September 7, 2011 3:14 PM
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