Cardboard 2x2 Coin Holder Size Guide

October 14, 2012

Cardboard 2x2 Holder Staple Type
A lot of collectors use cardboard 2x2's for storing their coins. They come in two types either self adhesive or the staple type. Personally I have moved away from both kinds for a number of reasons to the more versatile Saflips but this article is to help those collectors and newbies determine the 2x2 sizes to purchase for each type of Australian coin.

The size suggestions below are just a guide and leave a small gap around each coin to allow for a comfortable fit of the coin in the holder and allow for you to view the edge of the coin. You can still of course use a slightly smaller size and you can always use a larger size to holder up the coins in your collection. The exception here is the suggested size for the 1937 and 1938 crown, the 39.5mm flip is the largest 2x2 size available. Again, these sizes are our experienced suggestions for use.

Australian Coin Type Cardboard 2x2 Size (mm)
Australian 1 Cent 20
Australian 2 Cent 25
Australian 5 Cent 22.5
Australian 10 Cent 27.5
Australian 20 Cent 32.5
Australian 50 Cent 35
Australian 1 Dollar 27.5
Australian 2 Dollar 22.5
Australian Halfpenny 27.5
Australian Penny 35
Australian Threepence 20
Australian Sixpence 22.5
Australian Shilling 27.5
Australian Florin 32.5
Australian Crown 1937 and 1938 39.5

Posted by harrisk at October 14, 2012 4:28 PM
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