Centenary of Canberra 20 cent (20c) Coin Swap One Very Big Day

March 11, 2013

Royal Australian Mint Coin Swap by Lake Burley Griffin

Today was "One Very Big Day" in Canberra, the Canberra Day public holiday for the celebrations of it's centenary. Theatre, the arts, music, entertainment and loads more filled the ACT this weekend before it's official birthday tomorrow. The Royal Australian Mint was on hand to swap your daggy circulated 20 cent for a shiny new 2013 Centenary of Canberra 20 cent coin design depicting the Walter Burley Griffin designed city layout. Crowds gathered at Regatta Point by Lake Burley Griffin at the Mint tent distributing these coins. Getting a quality coin without contact marks was near impossible the coins looking to have had a rough trip down to the lake.

2013 Circulation 20 Cent Canberra Centenary

The reverse design is by the RAM's Aleksandra Stokic and you'll soon find these coins in your change! Happy Canberra Day and thanks to our Canberra friends for the images in this article.

If you missed this event, find an uncirculated Canberra Centenary 20 cent in the Centenary of Canberra PNC.

One Very Big Day in Canberra

Posted by harrisk at March 11, 2013 6:21 PM
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