Polypropylene Coin Album Available Now

June 20, 2009

Have you considered your storage options for your prized collections? You've probably read our previous posts about storage methods, there's lots out there to choose from. Albums you currently have in your collections are most likely made of pvc. We've covered in detail before how pvc albums and pages can irreversibly harm your coins causing erosion to the coin surface and a green slimy appearance to your coins. This will ultimately render your coins worthless.

The solution we've found is polypropylene. This material is acid free, environmentally friendly, recyclable and most of all won't break down and harm your collection. This material is used by the National Archives of Australia and approved for long term storage of those important items that you want to preserve forever.

The Purple Penny team have embarked on a campaign to rid the numismatic world of pvc and we've started with coin albums. We currently have available a 40mm 3-ring polypropylene binder with slipcover for $32.95. If you're not comfortable buying from our shop then you can head over to eBay. These coin folders are PVC free, acid free, and metal free. When teamed with PVC free coin album pages and quality non-adhesive 2x2 coin holders these folders are a true archival grade storage solution for your coin collection. The folders and slip cases are made from durable black textured polypropylene and the rings made from ultra strong glass fibre reinforced nylon. The corners of the folders will not split like other ring binders with plastic coated cardboard covers. You can also purchase the albums with a pack of 10 polypropylene 2x2 album pages that you can use with staple 2x2 holders or 2inch Saflips for the ultimate storage solution.

These folders are shown below:

40mm Polypropylene Coin Album and Slip Cover

Nylon ring system

40mm Coin Album inside slipcase

Posted by harrisk at June 20, 2009 2:49 PM
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