Australian Sir Donald Bradman Coins

April 8, 2011

"The Don" is acclaimed as being the greatest achiever in any competitive sport during his cricket career spanning over 25 years in the 1920's-1940's. Known to be the greatest batsman of all time Donald George Bradman was born August 27th 1908 and passed away peacefully on February 25th 2001 aged 92 years.

In 1996-7 the Royal Australian Mint produced three $5 legal tender coins as a tribute to this cricketing legend, one of Australia's most respected sportsmen. A 1996 bi-metallic coin was released and the same coin design issued in a 1997 PNC released with the differing coin date.The 1996 proof $5 was a larger coin with a different design, although all depict 'The Don' with a cricket bat. This coin was not bi-metal but made entirely of aluminium bronze.

It was February 25th 2001 when Sir Don passed away and by late March the Prime Minister had announced an official coin programme honouring the late cricket legend. A celebration of his life and achivements in conjunction with the Bradman Foundation, 3 coins were produced from each of Australia's mints' the RAM and the Perth Mint. A 20c coin was also released into circulation in 2001. Quite scarce to find in your change.

In 2008 marking the centenary of his birth another $5 was issued by the Royal Australian Mint in uncirculated aluminium bronze. In conclusion there have been a number of releases by both Australian Mint's in celebration of this greatest cricketer to ever play the game and the greatest sporting achiever of all time. See the table below to bring them all into perspective.

Year Description Presentation Finish Issue Price Mintage
1996 1996 Bradman Bi-metal $5 Card Uncirculated $5 237,728
1996 1996 Bradman Bi-metal $5 Westpac Card Uncirculated $5 310,213
1996 1996 Bradman Al Br $5 Box Proof $30 22,500
1997 1997 Bradman Bi-metal $5 PNC Uncirculated $9.95 575,000
2001 2001 Bradman 20c Circulation Circ-Unc 20c 10,000,000
2001 2001 Bradman Al Br $5 Card Uncirculated $12.95 245,000
2001 2001 Bradman Silver $5 Leatherette Case Proof $55 95,000
2001 2001 Bradman Bi-metal Gold/Silver $20 Leatherette Case Proof $380 5,000
2001 3 Coin set 2001 $5/$5/$20 Presentation Set Proof $447.95 5,000
2008 2008 Bradman Al Br $5 Card Uncirculated $18.75 21,356

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