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Error Coin Spotlight – Off Centre 1946 Florin

Struck 3mm off center, the obverse has engaged with about 50% of the collar die and has been driven downward with the unstruck portion of the coin deforming upwards resulting in a distinctive “baseball cap” appearance. There is a significant

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Double Brockage 1964 Penny? Error or Not?

Recently we were lucky enough to view the above coin, the first people other than the owner himself to see it “in hand” for about 50 years. About 50 years in fact since the owner of the coin received it

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Error Coin Spotlight – 1946 Florin Partial Reverse Brockage Error

This coin has been struck through an elliptically clipped fragment of another coin resulting in the typical indented area on the host coin. The indent covers about 40% of the surface area of the obverse of the coin. The fragment

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Error Coin Spotlight – 1952 Out of Collar Shilling

Struck 4mm off centre this shilling has engaged with the collar die in a very small area of the circumference around IDE of FIDEI of the obverse. Even there the collar engagement was only slight. The flan is quite flat

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Error Coin Spotlight – Double Obverse 1969 50 Cent

Ex Noble Sale 83, Lot 66 (2006) a dodecagonal 1969 50 cent coin struck with two obverse (Machin QE2 portrait) dies in regular medal alignment. It is unusual that it is struck without a 180 degree rotation as double obverse

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Error Coin Spotlight – Australia 1959 Florin Out of Collar

Struck completely out of collar and almost perfectly centered. As the coin was not constrained by the collar die as it was struck the metal has flowed radially in all directions resulting in the typical “pancake” like appearance that well

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It’s Great to Find Old Friends!

There was a coin show in our home town of Adelaide recently and we were lucky enough to find two old friends while we were there. By friends we mean coins of course. The first was a slightly crusty dark

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Error Spotlight – Rotated Double Strike 1964 Half Penny

Above you can see a very interesting coin error, a double struck half penny of Queen Elizabeth II. This double strike is a bit different in that both strikes occurred while the coin was completely retained within the collar die

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2016 New Five Dollar Note Value

Most of you are probably aware that a couple of months ago the 2016 Next Generation $5 Banknote was released. They are starting to appear in change and we’ve started getting questions from readers that mostly go something along the

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ANDA Money Expo Report – Melbourne, August 2016

One of the blog authors was lucky (or unlucky depending if you like early mornings) to be able to catch a 7:00AM flight on Saturday 27 August 2016 departing frigid Adelaide for the equally frigid (and much windier) Melbourne.  The

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