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10 Tips for the New Collector of Australian Coins

So you’re interested in collecting Australian coins and want to know how to get started? Here’s our top 10 tips for the new collector of Australian coins. It’s often said about collecting coins, and I’ll repeat it now. Buy the book

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14 Coin News Corp 20 Cent Collection ANZACS Remembered 100 Years and Bonus Poppy Dollar Coin

News Corp Australia in conjunction with the Royal Australian Mint have released a 14 coin set commemorating 100 years of ANZAC, keeping the ANZAC stories alive. The official coin collection was available in the complete set to subscribers with a

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160 Years of Holden Heritage Collection Coins

2016 celebrates 160 years of Holden, the iconic Australian car manufacturer and this milestone is commemorated on twelve collectable 50 cent coins minted by the Royal Australian Mint. From its beginnings 160 years ago in saddlery Holden has manufactured car

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1902 Great Britain “Low Tide” Penny

Above is a 1902 penny of Great Britain.  1902 was a tumultuous year for British coinage, Queen Victoria had died the year previously and an entire new coinage needed to be issued with the portrait of King Edward VII designed

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1943 Penny Value

If you’re wondering what your 1943 penny is worth then you need to understand a few things before moving forward. Firstly, 1943 was right in the middle of World War 2 and there was a need for coin to keep

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1959 Florin Emu Egg Variety

The Australian 1959 florin depicts a difference on the reverse die that doesn’t appear on coins of any other year. This difference is the appearance of an egg between the two emu’s legs. It’s called an egg but look closer

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1966 Wavy Baseline 20 cent

If you find an Australian 1966 20 cent piece in your change then you’d better take a second look. Did you know that a particular variety of the 1966 20 cent coin could be worth $100 or more! In 1966

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1967 ACR Pattern Swan Dollar (Goose Dollar) by Andor Meszaros

The 1967 “Goose” dollar is not an official issue, although it does hold an important part in Australia’s numismatic history. The Swan Pattern dollar has been nicknamed the “Goose dollar” by collectors and has risen in popularity in the past

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1967 Australia 1 Dollar Pattern ‘Crown’ Goose Dollar 90% Silver Copy Coin Counterfeit Fake

The 1967 swan (goose) pattern dollar is being faked. Chinese counterfeit coins are flooding the market so if you are looking to buy one of these coins then read on. A genuine goose or swan pattern dollar is a true

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1970 Captain Cook 50 Cent

The Royal Australian Mint issued the first commemorative coin of of the decimal era in 1970 to celebrate the bicentenary of the navigation of Australia’s east coast by Captain James Cook. Cook is sometimes credited with the discovery of Australia

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