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1970 Captain Cook Proof 50 Cent VIP Presentation Set

In 1970 Australia was excited about the very first decimal commemorative coin. This circulating coin was a dodecagonal 50 cent piece with the image and signature of Captain Cook and a map of Australia designed by Stuart Devlin. This commemorated

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Stuart Devlin Designer Goldsmith Silversmith 2018 -Book Review

I have never written a book review before and the task for this hefty 529 page pictoral history of Devlins work is eased by the beautiful depictions within the pages. To say I’m a Devlin fan is probably an understatement,

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Rare Coin Company Collapse Leads to Jail Time for Director

Former Rare Coin Company director Rob Jackman was earlier this month sentenced to 4 years and 2 months jail time for stealing and fraud. Investors and collectors suffered massive losses as the director tried to keep his failing coin business

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2018 Next Generation $50 Note Design Revealed

The design for the Next Generation $50 was revealed yesterday by the Reserve Bank of Australia. It will be released into circulation from October 2018. This follows the redesigned $5 and $10 notes transitioned in the last 2 years and

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Coin Designers Stuart Devlin

In 1963 a competition was held to design the new Australian decimal coinage that was to be introduced in 1966. The new decimal coins were to replace the pre-decimal coinage that had been in circulation since 1910. Six competitors vied

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How Many Coins in a Roll?

Have you got a roll or security bag of coins and don’t know how any coins are in the roll? Here’s a handy list for reference. 1 Cent roll- 50 coins face value 50 cents 2 Cent roll- 50 coins

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Error Coin Spotlight – 1988 2c Struck on 1c Planchet

Coins struck on the wrong or incorrect planchets are a favourite among error collectors. In the Australian coin series wrong planchet errors are one the toughest error types to find and many collections lack an example. However, there’s one exception

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1986 Mint Set with 1985 10 Cent Coin

Early decimal mint sets were held in PVC wallets with pockets for each coin and those could easily be interchanged. In 1984 the Royal Australian Mint moved to a bubble type of packaging where each coin had its’ own blow

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