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1982 Commonwealth Games 50c : Australian 50 Cent Coins

The 1982 Commonwealth Games 50c coin released to commemorate the Commonwealth Games which is an elite sporting event held every 4 years and participant nations come from the Commonwealth of Nations (which was formerly the British Empire). The games have been

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1977 Silver Jubilee 50c : Australian 50 Cent Coins

Queen Elizabeth II ascended to the throne of the United Kingdom and the Commonwealth in 1952 after the death of her father George VI. Interestingly she was not actually crowned until 1953. 1977 was the 25th anniversary of her ascension

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1981 Royal Wedding Charles and Diana 50c

Prince Charles is the eldest child of Queen Elizabeth II, first in line to the throne and potentially the next King of England and the Commonwealth. Nuptials between Prince Charles and Lady Diana Spencer took place on 29th July 1981

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1970 Captain Cook 50 Cent

The Royal Australian Mint issued the first commemorative coin of of the decimal era in 1970 to celebrate the bicentenary of the navigation of Australia’s east coast by Captain James Cook. Cook is sometimes credited with the discovery of Australia

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10 Tips for the New Collector of Australian Coins

So you’re interested in collecting Australian coins and want to know how to get started? Here’s our top 10 tips for the new collector of Australian coins. It’s often said about collecting coins, and I’ll repeat it now. Buy the book

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A particular type of coin variety is the overdate. Put simply an overdate is a coin struck from a die that has a trace remnant of a previous years numeral in the date. Among Australian copper and silver Commonwealth coinage

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Error Coins on Display at The Royal Australian Mint

The Royal Australian Mint in Canberra displays a wide range of coins in their museum on the first floor of the newly refurbished building. Amongst the coins on display is a variety of error coins or mistakes that have happened

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