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1944s Florin Struck on a Shilling Planchet Error

It’s not often you see an older coin with such a significant error and one in such good condition as this. Struck in 1944 when Australia lacked the industrial capacity to do so because of the war the above coin

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1960 Florin Straight Partial Collar Error

As originally published in Australasian Coin and Banknote Magazine September 2020 What Went Wrong -error coins that escaped the mint At a passing glance this ‘quaternary alloy’ 1960 florin looks like most of the other 15.76 million minted with that

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1964y Halfpenny Late State Brockage Error

We came across this halfpenny error coin and though we’d share the fascinating process of determining more about this coin. At first glance it looks like a Queen Elizabeth pre-decimal coin around the halfpenny size. Weighing in at 5.49g it’s

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1966 Upset 10 Cent Coin

The hunt for special error coins and varieties continues as we add new items and check them off our bucket list. One of those elusive varieties was found recently, the upset 10 cent piece of 1966. Minted in London for

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1967 New Zealand 2c Bahama Islands 5c Mule

In 1967 was it a careless mistake by a Royal Mint worker that saw the birth of a rare and now famous mule coin? Seen above is one of these prized pieces with two sides that were never intended to

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1981 Double Struck Partial Brockage 20 Cent Error

Above is an error coin that is an interesting combination of two error types. It’s a partial brockage, having been struck against another already struck coin, and it’s also been struck twice, making it a double struck error. Either of

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1986 Mint Set with 1985 10 Cent Coin

Early decimal mint sets were held in PVC wallets with pockets for each coin and those could easily be interchanged. In 1984 the Royal Australian Mint moved to a bubble type of packaging where each coin had its’ own blow

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1989 5 Cent Error Struck on Wrong 1 Cent Planchet

The above coin is a very spectacular error for a few reasons. It’s coppery red lustre is not what you expect to see with the 5 cent echidna design by Stuart Devlin. The Australian 5 cent piece should be struck

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2000 Incuse Flag Millennium 50 Cent Variety

In the year 2000 the Royal Australian mint released a commemorative 50 cent coin into circulation celebrating the the dawn of the new millennium. This coin had the standard Ian Rank-Broadley portrait of Queen Elizabeth II on the obverse, and

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2005 Mob of Roos $1 Coin – Struck 10% Off-Centre

As originally published in Australasian Coin and Banknote Magazine August 2020 What Went Wrong -error coins that escaped the mint This is just one coin out of a reported mintage of 5.792 million 2005 dated ‘Mob of Roos’ dollars sent

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