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1990 75th Anniversary Five Dollar Coin Gallipoli Veteran Presentation Set

1990 was the 75th anniversary of the ANZAC landings at Gallipoli in Turkey. The Royal Australian Mint released an aluminium bronze five dollar coin to commemorate the event, minting just over a million in uncirculated condition that were packaged with

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ANZAC Remembrance Medal by Dora Ohlfsen

Above you can see a remarkable 60mm bronze medal sculpted by Dora Ohflsen and released in 1919. One side depicts a fallen soldier being comforted by a female representation of Australia. The other side shows the outline of a soldier

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Australian World War 1 Forget-Me-Not Pennies

Last week we were showing the above item to our parents who had no idea as to it’s origins. Our 9 year old daughter asked to take a look at it, examined it briefly, and announced with certainty in her

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Convict Love Token Exhibition in Ballarat

The Museum of Australian Democracy at Eureka (M.A.D.E.) in Ballarat currently has on display a 45 piece collection of convict love tokens that date from 1791-1843. Until 22 Jan the display features these rare keepsakes given to loved ones before

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Distribution of Coins for Decimal Changeover February 14th 1966

Can you imagine the task undertaken 50 years ago in distributing all new coins to all the banks around the entire country. What a mammoth task this was ensuring a supply of new coins ready for the morning of February

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Melbourne and Perth Foy Bags and the 1934-5 Centenary Florin

A Foy Bag is a little paper envelope that does or once did contain a 1934-5 Melbourne Centenary Florin. The commemorative florin was given as change in the special paper pouch to those who shopped at Victoria’s first department store

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South Australian Stamp Duty Die 1 1/2d 1939-1953

The South Australian government collected stamp duty on cheques from 1886 to 2004 and during that time both adhesive and embossing stamps were used to determine when that duty had been paid. The stamp duty rate was increased to 1

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Stuart Devlin Silver Surprise Eggs

Artist, sculptor and Master Silversmith Stuart Devlin is well known in Australia as the designer of our iconic decimal coins, the echidna on the 5 cent, the lyrebird on the 10 cent, the platypus on the 20 cent and the

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World War 1 Australian Identity Disc for Edmund Stanley

Above is crude World War 1 identity disk made from an old head (1895 to 1901) Queen Victoria Penny. It was purchased from a seller in the United Kingdom in late 2016. The disk is holed for suspension and the

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World War 1 Australian Identity Disc for Patrick Donohoe

Seen above is an unofficial World War 1 AIF ID disc made from Egyptian 1917 (AH 1334) 5 piastres (KM#318.1). Obverse has been neatly skimmed inside the radius of the rim beads. The following inscription has been applied with skillful

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