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Australian Indent Coin Errors

Interestingly termed, an “Indent” error coin occurs when 2 planchets are accidentally fed into the collar at once. Consequently the dies will press the coin blanks together creating a partial blank on one side. This may fully or only partially

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Gold Coast 2018 Commonwealth Games Team Coloured $2 Week 3 Coin at Woolworths

Today is week 3 in the great Woolworths change race. Splitting up my groceries at the self checkout, feeding my note in and seeing how many shiny new $2 coins I’ll get is getting a bit tedious and I am

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1967 Australia 1 Dollar Pattern ‘Crown’ Goose Dollar 90% Silver Copy Coin Counterfeit Fake

The 1967 swan (goose) pattern dollar is being faked. Chinese counterfeit coins are flooding the market so if you are looking to buy one of these coins then read on. A genuine goose or swan pattern dollar is a true

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Error Coin Spotlight – 1962 Elliptical Clipped Florin

Above you can see a remarkable and rarely seen error, and elliptically clipped or elliptical planchet Australian florin minted for 1962. The coin weighs just 7.82 grams, almost exactly 3.5 grams under the regulation florin mass of 11.31 grams. Now,

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Counterfeit Fake 1966 Round Silver 50 Cent Coins

If you thought counterfeiters just targeted high value and key date collector coins then you’re wrong. We’ve found fake Australian round 50c coins being sold on eBay for a similar cost to genuine coins at about $8 each. The fake

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Gold Coast 2018 Commonwealth Games Coloured $2 Week 2 Borobi Mascot Coin at Woolworths

From today you should see the next coin in the 3 coin series of 2018 Commonwealth Games coloured 2 dollar coins in your change at Woolworths and Safeway supermarkets. I visited two Woolies stores today without luck still receiving last

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Gold Coast 2018 Commonwealth Games Coloured $2 Coins When You Shop at Woolworths

The Royal Australian Mint has struck Gold Coast 2018 Commonwealth Games circulating coloured 2 dollar coins that will be distributed through Woolworths and Safeway supermarkets. There are 3 coins to be released over the coming weeks, the first orange/yellow/red coin

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Counterfeit / Fake Year 2000 $1 / 10c Mules on eBay

Update July 2019 In the last three months a new crop of counterfeit coins that are supposedly mules have been appearing on eBay and being bought up by unsuspecting collectors. These are different counterfeits to those we originally spoke about.

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Error Coin Spotlight -2014 50c Struck on a Brass Planchet

Above we can see an Australian 50 cent that has been struck on a wrong coin planchet. This error 50c is the wrong weight, wrong colour and the wrong shape. A regular 2014 50 cent should weigh 15.55 grams, be

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Double Struck A Pair of Halfpenny Errors

We recently had the opportunity to look through the coin collection of a friend and some special coins caught our attention. I looked closer at one of the error coins and was surprised at the similarities to one of our

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