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Gold Coast 2018 Commonwealth Games Coloured $2 Coins When You Shop at Woolworths

The Royal Australian Mint has struck Gold Coast 2018 Commonwealth Games circulating coloured 2 dollar coins that will be distributed through Woolworths and Safeway supermarkets. There are 3 coins to be released over the coming weeks, the first orange/yellow/red coin

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Counterfeit / Fake Year 2000 $1 / 10c Mules on eBay

In the last few weeks some less than reputable eBay sellers have been selling counterfeit Australian coins purporting to be genuine year 2000 $1/10c mules. Putting aside the fact that selling counterfeit Australian currency is a federal offense punishable by

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Error Coin Spotlight -2014 50c Struck on a Brass Planchet

Above we can see an Australian 50 cent that has been struck on a wrong coin planchet. This error 50c is the wrong weight, wrong colour and the wrong shape. A regular 2014 50 cent should weigh 15.55 grams, be

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Double Struck A Pair of Halfpenny Errors

We recently had the opportunity to look through the coin collection of a friend and some special coins caught our attention. I looked closer at one of the error coins and was surprised at the similarities to one of our

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