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2007 Double Headed Australian 5 Cent Coin

For the past 10 years people have been finding in their change the Aussie 5 cent piece with the Queen’s head on both sides -a so-called ‘double header‘. This came about when two head side dies were placed into the

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Error Coin Spotlight – 1974 5c Flip Over Off Centre Double Strike

Above you can see a stunning 1974 5 cent that has a second strike about 75% off centre from the first. Keen observers will also note that the second strike on the obverse shows part of the 5 cent reverse

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2017 25th Anniversary of International Day of People With Disability 20 Cent

To mark the 25th anniversary of International Day of People with Disability on December 3rd 2017 the Royal Australian Mint (RAM) released this specially designed commemorative 20 cent coin for the collector market (NCLT-not for circulation). Issued on a collector

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Error Coin Spotlight – 2001 20 Cent Struck on Bi-Metal Planchet

Above you can see a truly spectacular error, a 2001 Australian 20 cent struck on a bi-metal planchet. Wrong or foreign planchet errors are at the apex of desirability for Australian error collectors, and errors like this coin that are

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