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14 Coin News Corp 20 Cent Collection ANZACS Remembered 100 Years and Bonus Poppy Dollar Coin

News Corp Australia in conjunction with the Royal Australian Mint have released a 14 coin set commemorating 100 years of ANZAC, keeping the ANZAC stories alive. The official coin collection was available in the complete set to subscribers with a

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1967 New Zealand 2c Bahama Islands 5c Mule

In 1967 was it a careless mistake by a Royal Mint worker that saw the birth of a rare and now famous mule coin? Seen above is one of these prized pieces with two sides that were never intended to

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1981 Charles and Diana 50c -a flawed pair

This article appeared in February 2012 Australasian Coin and Banknote Magazine written by the team at the Australian Coin Collecting Blog and is reproduced here for your viewing pleasure. On July 29th 1981 His Royal Highness, Charles the Prince of

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2014 AIATSIS Circulation 50 Cent

You will soon find a new circulation 50 cent in your change with the Royal Australian Mint this week releasing 2 million of the AIATSIS 50c coin celebrating 50 years of the institute dedicated to recognising and appreciating the values

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2014 Green Coloured Remembrance $2 Coin

The Royal Australian Mint have announced that we will soon be seeing another coloured 2 dollar coin, this time a green one! A Remembrance green $2 coin is being minted for circulaton to add to the ANZAC centenary coin program.

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2014 Green Two Dollar Coin

A few weeks ago the Royal Australian Mint confirmed they would be issuing a new commemorative Australian $2 coin. Printed with green concentric circles the design features a dove with an olive branch for Remembrance. We can expect to see

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2014 Melbourne ANDA Coin and Banknote Show Report

We were unable to attend the ANDA/APTA Coin, Note, and Stamp Show in Melbourne on the 8th and 9th August 2014. But fortunately, Eric Eigner from Drake Sterling Numismatics was there to keep us up-to-date on the numismatic happenings at

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2014 Mob of Roos Dollar Rolls

Well it looks like the latest HOT product that is stirring up a feeding frenzy on eBay are the 2014 Mob of Roos Dollar rolls that we mentioned in this entry. Dealers could buy the rolls at face value at

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2014 The Great War Limited Edition PNC with Great Britain 2 Pound Coin

Remembering World War I which was known as The Great War up until World War II, 100 years ago. The Great War PNC marks the centenary of the outbreak of war and is limited to 2,500 individually numbered covers with

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2014 Victoria Cross For Australia $5 Fine Silver Frosted Uncirculated Coin

If you’ve ever watched ANZAC Day parades, commemorating the Gallipoli landing of 1915, you would have seen squadrons, platoons, companies, regiments, marching bands – a whole range of armed forces – proudly marching and displaying their medals. Even more noticeable,

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