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1902 Great Britain “Low Tide” Penny

Above is a 1902 penny of Great Britain.  1902 was a tumultuous year for British coinage, Queen Victoria had died the year previously and an entire new coinage needed to be issued with the portrait of King Edward VII designed

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Fiji 1969 5 Cent Struck on Split Planchet

Above is a lovely little 1969 Fijian 5 cent coin error. The obverse is weakly struck as is the reverse. However the reverse also has a number of striations on the surface going from the left side of the coin

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New Zealand 2004 10c/$1 Mule

New Zealand variety collectors have been amassing the 2004 10 cent with a peculiar double rim thinking it was more simply a coin with a misaligned obverse die (MAD). With more thought and some measurements taken it’s been discovered that

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A Year 2000 20 Cent Tilted Partial Collar Error

Over the years we’ve seen a number of year 2000 20 cent coins that were struck incorrectly, usually they’ve been tilted or straight partial collar errors. Above you can see an image of one such coin that is a bit

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Mick Vort-Ronald and his Banknote Books!

Well known Australian banknote author and regular contributor to the Australasian Coin and Banknote magazine Mick Vort-Ronald has contacted us and asked if we could publish a list of his books and availability. You can find the listing of his

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50 Years Ago Newspaper Headlines 14 February 1966

Fifty years ago today Australia was waking to these newspaper headlines. Today we celebrate the 50th anniversary of the change to decimal currency. Schools no longer had to teach shillings and pennies and divide by twelve. The new decimal system

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Happy Valentine Decimals 1966

Valentines Day 1966 was also the day Australia converted to decimal currency fifty years ago. In celebration of the event we bring you Australia’s Valentine Decimals 1966 uncirculated set of coins. This set is not in the catalogues and only

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1981 Double Struck Partial Brockage 20 Cent Error

Above is an error coin that is an interesting combination of two error types. It’s a partial brockage, having been struck against another already struck coin, and it’s also been struck twice, making it a double struck error. Either of

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Australia Changes to Decimal Currency 50 Years Ago

Have a look in your pocket and check your change -chances are you’ll still find one of the first decimal coins minted in Australia! Half a century ago our first decimal coins appeared when we changed from pennies, shillings and

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