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2016 New Five Dollar Note Value

Most of you are probably aware that a couple of months ago the 2016 Next Generation $5 Banknote was released. They are starting to appear in change and we’ve started getting questions from readers that mostly go something along the

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2016 New Generation $5 Note First and Last Prefix

Have you come across a new $5 note yet? They are taking their time to filter through the system but slowly and surely the banks are starting to handle these notes. Westpac customers have had the best luck with sourcing

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2017 Next Generation $10 Note Design Revealed

The design for the Next Generation $10 was revealed today by the Reserve Bank of Australia. It will be released into circulation from September 2017 exactly one year after the Next Generation $5 note was also issued. This will be

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Australian Paper $10 Note Value

The Australian paper ten dollar note was first issued in 1966 replacing the 5 pound pre-decimal banknote. The paper note was continued until 1993 when it was replaced with a polymer issue plastic banknote with the same blue/black and yellow

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Australian Paper $2 Note Value

Your Australian paper $2 note value will depend on 3 things -signatures, serial number and condition. There are 8 signature combinations of the Governor of the Reserve Bank of Australia and the Secretary to the Treasurer. Coombs/Wilson 1966 Coombs/Randall 1967

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Australian Paper $20 Note Value

The value of the Australian paper $20 note can be determined when we know 3 things. Whose signatures are on the note, what the serial number is, and the condition of the note which is known as the grade. Firstly

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Australian Paper $5 Note Value

Your Australian paper $5 note value is dependent on the condition (grade) of the note, the serial number and the signatures. Identifying the Australian paper $5 note is easy, it’s colours are purple and black and it measures 150mm x

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Australian Paper $50 Note Value

What is the value of my Australian paper $50 you may ask? Well the answer can be found with the following answers. 1. Is it a genuine Australian paper 50 dollar note? 2. What are the signatures on the banknote?

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Australian Paper Note Values

Australian paper banknotes can be very valuable but how do you know what your old note is worth? Banknotes used to be made of paper before the currently used polymer or plastic notes came into circulation. Before 1966 Australia printed

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Australian Paper One Dollar Note Value

The Australian paper 1 dollar note was issued between 14 February 1966 and May 1984. A dollar coin was then introduced because of the short lifespan of the paper banknote. This proved a major cost saving for the Government. The

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