Error Coin Spotlight – 1952 Out of Collar Shilling

Australia 1952 Shilling Off Centre Error

Australia 1952 Shilling Off Centre Error

Struck 4mm off centre this shilling has engaged with the collar die in a very small area of the circumference around IDE of FIDEI of the obverse. Even there the collar engagement was only slight. The flan is quite flat perhaps indicating a lower striking pressure and the coin has not taken on the “baseball cap” appearance sometimes seen with this type of error. 1952 shillings are often seen struck off center and we’ve seen them ranging from just a millimeter or two off center right up to 50% off center or more. This example does not appear to have circulated and the lustre is excellent and as such it is a superior example of the type. However, as is often seen the exposed side of the coin is hair-lined while the reverse is pristine. The coin grades as UNCIRCULATED with obverse hairlines.

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