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Unless otherwise stated the copyright for images used on this site is owned by the Australian Coin Collecting Blog. You are not allowed to use or reproduce them in any form for any reason without our permission. We’ve spent a lot of time and money learning how to take great coin images and you’re just not allowed to take credit for our hard work. This site is our hobby and we make minimal income from it and nothing is guaranteed to annoy us more than someone selling something on eBay and using one of our images, or using our images to drum up publicity for your own coin business. In those cases using our images is absolutely not allowed and constitutes a breach of copyright.

That all sounds scary but getting permission to use our images is usually just a matter of emailing us and asking nicely. In the majority of cases we just like to be credited as the source of the image. If you’re using an image online then we need to have a link back to this website. If you’re wondering if we ever give permission to use our images the answer is a great big yes. Ian McConnelly used our images extensively in his book Renniks Australian Pre-Decimal & Decimal Coin Errors 1st Edition, our images have appeared in several British numismatic journal articles, and members of several Australian numismatic societies have used our images in presentations and journal articles. And all they did was ask! There was no charge involved, and in several cases we went out of our way to re-take images that were not up to scratch!

It’s as simple as that. Do not use our images without asking first.

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AUD $3,507.67
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