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1967 New Zealand 2c Bahama Islands 5c Mule

In 1967 was it a careless mistake by a Royal Mint worker that saw the birth of a rare and now famous mule coin? Seen above is one of these prized pieces with two sides that were never intended to

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Operation Fastbuck -Delivering New Decimal Coins In 1966

The delivery of new coins needed at the changeover from pounds, shillings and pence to dollars and cents for February 14th 1966 was given the name “Operation Fastbuck”. New coins had to be delivered to banks for the opening of

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Indent Error with Partial Brockage 50c

This indent coin error has occurred when the previously struck 50c failed to exit the press cleanly and was jammed against the new blank when it was struck. This has left the impression and incuse (brockage) imprint of the coin

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Australian Indent Error with Partial Brockage

This 1952a Australian penny was struck in Perth but there was a press malfunction during it’s minting. The coin struck prior to this coin had not exited the press completely before the new blank fell into place and was struck.This

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The Complete Guide to the Australian 20 Cent (20c)

The Australian 20c coin is made from 75% copper and 25% nickel (cupro-nickel), is 28.52mm in diameter and weighs 11.31grams. It has a reeded edge. The standard circulation design is the platypus by Stuart Devlin and was first issued in

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How We Take Our Coin Photos

We’ve spent years striving to perfect the art of taking quality coin images. Over the years we’ve upgraded parts of our setup and we’re finally at that point where we’re happy with the images we take and happy that they

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Foreign Planchet Error Coins

This 1944s Australian shilling was struck in San Francisco USA (note the S mintmark) on an underweight planchet of 4.95g. Some Australian silver during WWII was struck in both San Francisco and Denver in the USA as demand for coinage

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The Clamshell Coin Error

You often see flaws in the metal blanks used to strike coins but rarely do you see coins so obviously wrong as the clamshell error. These planchets contain lamination problems deep inside the metal which splits the 2 sides apart

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Sydney 2000 Olympic $5 Coin Athletics

The above coin was issued in October 1997 in the first release of coins in a set of 28 in commemoration of the Sydney 2000 Olympic Games. These 28 five dollar coins were part of the Sydney 2000 Olympic Coin

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1966 Mint Set The Fastbuck Wallet

“Operation Fastbuck” was the name used for the safe delivery of decimal currency to the banks during the changeover from £/s/d to dollars and cents on February 14th 1966. 70 drivers were involved in the transfer of the new money

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