Indent Error with Partial Brockage 50c

1976 50 Cent Error PCGS MS64

This indent coin error has occurred when the previously struck 50c failed to exit the press cleanly and was jammed against the new blank when it was struck. This has left the impression and incuse (brockage) imprint of the coin that didn’t make it off the press. We’ve seen this before on Australian pre-decimal coins and we’ve come across what is such a superb example that we’d like to share it with our readers. The penny in our previous entry linked to above is the exact same type of error and the same malfunction in the press has occurred. When comparing the 2 examples you can clearly see the factors which make this coin a genuine mint error and not some kind of manufactured in the “back shed” variety. The fact that the reverse design is so well struck and remains undamaged tells us that the coin was pressed against the die when the indent happened. If it were post mint damage then we would certainly see intrusion or flattening of the design on this coin’s reverse -which there is not.

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