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Possum Magic Coloured 2 Dollar Coins at Woolworths

Partnering with the Royal Australian Mint, Woolworths (Safeway) are handing out in change the newest additions in the coloured $2 coins for collectors. Possum Magic is the popular children’s tale by Mem Fox and the theme for three coloured $2

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New Coins For Ford Enthusiasts And More Coloured 2 Dollar Coins On The Way

Every so often the Mints in Australia put forward their designs to Australian parliament for them to be approved before they can be made as legal tender. This is the case for collector coins and circulating coins. The 4th Royal

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2015 ANZAC Centenary P Counterstamp Dollar

The mintmark dollar coin released throughout 2015 and the design used by the gallery presses at the Royal Australian Mint in Canberra in 2015 was the ANZAC centenary design seen above. It was produced with a C mintmark and various

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Error Coin Spotlight -Double Struck Australian 2 Cent Coins

The eye candy for error coin collectors today are these two double struck Australian two cent pieces. They were struck once normally and then struck again after failing to exit the press in a timely manner. These coins are lovely

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Weak Strike or Die Fill. What Is This Error Coin?

We’ve written quite a few articles recently on coin errors and thought it would be worthwhile to collectors for us to merge two seemingly similar error types to identify and discuss their differences. This will help you recognise each error

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Error Coin Spotlight -2002 5 Cent Struck Through Oil Error

Today’s spotlight is an example of the type of error seen quite often on circulating coins although not usually seen to the extent that we see on the example pictured. Shown here is a 2002 5c with the obverse weakly

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Error Coin Spotlight – Low Pressure Strike 1966-1984 5 Cent

The error coin pictured above in today’s error coin spotlight is a very nice example of a die adjustment strike, weak strike or touch strike Australian 5 cent piece. These are all names used for this type of error coin.

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The Royal Australian Mint Trans-Australia Tour

The Canberra Mint is touring the country with the mobile coin press in celebration of 100 years of the Trans-Australian railway. At each location the RAM visits you will have the chance to swap real money from your pockets and

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2017 Lest We Forget Coloured 2 Dollar

ANZAC Day 2017 and this year the Royal Australian Mint has released another coloured $2 coin “Lest We Forget” to remember the honour, bravery and sacrifice of those who served our country. Over 4 million of these coins have been

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A Partial Engagement –the story of partial collar errors

This article was published in the Australasian Coin and Banknote Magazine, March 2017 issue and was written by the Australian Coin Collecting Blog.Subscribe here to CAB magazine. What is a Partial Collar Error? The Partial Collar Error is an interesting

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