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2015 Netball World Cup 20 Cent Counterstamp and Mintage Information

As one of the writers here on the Aussie Coin Blog I often sometimes almost by accident discover information that isn’t in plain sight to the everyday coin collector. Open up a coin catalogue, see a number, either a mintage

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New Next Generation Australian $10 Banknote Release

Expect to see the next generation new $10 banknotes in your change from tomorrow as the Reserve Bank of Australia releases the new note into circulation. This is the next step in the upgrade of our banknotes to be continued

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Coloured 2017 Possum Magic $2 Coins In Circulation

All three coloured Possum Magic coins can now be found in circulation so it’s worth posting up an article with them side by side to see the differences in the designs and colours used. The collectable $2 coins all have

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Possum Magic Week 3 Coloured $2 Coin

Check your change at Woolworths this week as the last of the 3 Possum Magic coins are now available. There’s a chance you could receive any of the three coloured coins that are now in circulation. The week 3 coin

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Possum Magic 2017 Coin Collection

The Royal Australian Mint has released a special coin collection distributing the coin set and coloured circulation coins through Woolworths supermarkets. The collection celebrates Australia’s most popular childrens book “Possum Magic” that has sold over 3 million copies since it

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Possum Magic Week 2 Coloured $2 Coin

Look out for the second coin in the 3 coin series of Possum Magic coins available from today at Woolworths. The purple and pink multi-coloured coin for week 2 depicts character Hush from the Mem Fox book Possum Magic. Here

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Possum Magic Coloured 2 Dollar Coins at Woolworths

Partnering with the Royal Australian Mint, Woolworths (Safeway) are handing out in change the newest additions in the coloured $2 coins for collectors. Possum Magic is the popular children’s tale by Mem Fox and the theme for three coloured $2

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New Coins For Ford Enthusiasts And More Coloured 2 Dollar Coins On The Way

Every so often the Mints in Australia put forward their designs to Australian parliament for them to be approved before they can be made as legal tender. This is the case for collector coins and circulating coins. The 4th Royal

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2016 50th Anniversary of Decimal Currency Commemorative Coins

Commemorating the changeover to decimal currency (in 1966) 50 years ago in 2016 all of our beloved coin designs were released into circulation with special obverses. Instead of a different design on the “tails” side of the coin we still

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2015 ANZAC Centenary P Counterstamp Dollar

The mintmark dollar coin released throughout 2015 and the design used by the gallery presses at the Royal Australian Mint in Canberra in 2015 was the ANZAC centenary design seen above. It was produced with a C mintmark and various

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