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Australian Decimal Coin Weight Tolerances

How much does my coin weigh? This is a common question first asked when a coin seems not quite right. Is it an error coin? Is the coin missing design or a part of the coin? Does it feel lightweight

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NSSA Presidents Numismatic Address -The Sydney Harbour Bridge

By Kathryn Harris Numismatic Society of South Australia (NSSA) President 2019-2020. I was born in Sydney and when I was 2 years old my family moved 4 hours south to Cooma, ‘The Gateway to the Snowy Mountains’ which is where

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2021 Tooth Fairy $2 Coin

The tooth fairy is back in 2021 on this new release $2 coin struck by the Royal Australian Mint. Issued in a collector card for $15 or in a boxed kit for $25 this is a must have for the

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2021 Mintmark Coin Series Centenary of the Royal Australian Air Force

Heroes of the Sky! Celebrating 100 years of the Royal Australian Air Force is the theme for the 2021 series of coins released January 1st, the mintmark coins for 2021. This is the theme for the $1 coin visitors strike

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New CEO for the Royal Australian Mint, Farewell Ross MacDiarmid

We must be close to the announcement of a new Chief Executive Officer at our circulating coin production facility the Royal Australian Mint. Current CEO Ross MacDiarmid steps down at the end of this week after 10 years at the

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2021 50th Anniversary of the Aboriginal Flag Coloured $2

2021 is the 50th Anniversary of the Australian Aboriginal flag and is depicted on this coloured $2 coin struck by the Royal Australian Mint. The striking representation of the flag on the coin shows a circular band of black and

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2020 BRAVE Firefighters Coloured $2

The brave firefighters protecting us from danger have been honoured in a special orange flame coloured $2 coin struck at the Royal Australian Mint. Two million of these coins have hit circulation to be found in change. A central coloured

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Googled the Value of My Coin and it’s Worth Thousands -Where Do I Get The Money?

Is your coin really as valuable as Google tells you? Is something that someone said on the internet really true? Such a high number it says, now you’re interest is piqued -do you read on? “Hey I’ve got a 1983

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New Coloured $1 Coin -Green Donation Dollar Sent to Circulation

“DONATION DOLLAR Give To Help Others” are the words struck onto a new coloured one dollar coin hitting circulation. A call to action to be involved with a daily reminder in your change to give to charity, a worthy cause,

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Royal Australian Mint Rolls -Genuine or Reject?

Collectors of mint rolls generally, and in particular collectors of commemorative coloured $2 coin rolls need to take note of recent events that could impact on their collecting habits. The Royal Australian Mint in Canberra have recently attempted to clarify

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Australian 1966 Round 50c
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Australian $200 Gold Coin
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