Legends of the ANZAC: Medals of Honour Colection to Hit the Newsstands Soon

2017 Legends of the Anzacs: Medals of Honour  14 coin collection (image courtesy heraldsun.com.au)

2017 Legends of the Anzacs: Medals of Honour 14 coin collection (image courtesy heraldsun.com.au)

Beginning April 8th and being sold via newspaper outlets for 2 weeks is another series of collector coins. In partnership with the Royal Australian Mint, News Corp Australia, Legacy and Westpac four 25 cent coins will be made in copper-plated steel and a further ten 20c pieces will be issued in cupro-nickel the same as our standard 20 cent coin. Each of the 14 coins feature a war service medal.

25 Cent Coins Copper Plated Steel
Victoria Cross April 8th
George Cross April 9th
Distinguished Flying Cross April 15th
Medal for Gallantry April 16th

20 Cent Coins Cupro-Nickel
Star of Gallantry April 10th
Distinguished Service Cross April 11th
Nursing Service Cross April 12th
Military Cross April 13th
Distinguished Service Medal April 17th
Victory Medal April 18th
1939-1945 Star Military Award April 19th
Australian Active Service Medal April 20th
OSM Australian Operational Service Medal -Greater Middle East Operation Military Award April 21st
Australian Defence Medal April 22nd

The very first coin, the 25c Victoria Cross 25 cent struck in brilliant lustrous copper will be free with a newspaper purchase April 8th. This coin is plated on an inner steel core which is magnetic. Each coin thereafter will cost $3 each with a newspaper purchase. You should have your collection complete in time for ANZAC Day 2017!

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