85th Anniversary of the Sydney Harbour Bridge

Sydney Harbour Bridge Medal 1932 Silver

Sydney Harbour Bridge Medal 1932 Silver

Eighty five years ago today the Sydney Harbour Bridge was opened with much fanfare. Declared a public holiday, March 19th 1932 was a rush of celebrations, the bridge opened with the cutting of a ribbon. The ornate scissors used were designed by Vambola Veinberg who went on to later become the Royal Australian Mint’s first Chief Engraver.

The celebrations continued becoming a week long event with commemorative medals, medalettes, medallions, pins, badges and ephemera produced. Above you can see a silver medal (that is edge inscribed) awarded for Basketball to an amateur girls sports team called the Kookaburras during the celebrations.

Below is a steel medal made from a slice of surplus bridge rivet, a very rare and unusual medal.

Sydney Harbour Bridge Rivet Medal

Sydney Harbour Bridge Rivet Medal

Finally, a medal with a suspension loop that once contained a pin for crowds gathered at the opening event. This would have been attached to the lapel and worn during the celebrations on March 19th 1932.

Sydney Harbour Bridge Pageant Medal

Sydney Harbour Bridge Pageant Medal

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