Sydney Harbour Bridge 50th Anniversary The Australian Numismatic Society Medal

Jubilee Medal Sydney Harbour Bridge 50th Anniversary

Jubilee Medal Sydney Harbour Bridge 50th Anniversary

This 34 millimeter medal was struck in 1982 for the 50th anniversary of the opening of the Sydney Harbour Bridge. Struck by Amor Sanders Pty Ltd the medal was issued by the Australian Numismatic Society. It was struck in bronze and silver, with just 1,285 bronze and 605 silver medals issued. The bronze medal was originally sold for just $5 each. The sterling silver medals for $30 each with individual edge numbering.

The obverse bears a design depicting the Sydney Harbour Bridge inside a wreath with a ribbon inscribed “LABORE ET HONORE”. The legends read “SYDNEY HARBOUR BRIDGE NEW SOUTH WALES 1932 1982”, This view of the bridge was taken from the logo of the official bridge opening ceremony invitation in 1932.

The reverse is a design used on many Australian Numismatic Society medals and is derived from the 1858 threepence token by Hogarth and Erichsen.

The Carlisle reference for this medal is 1982/11.

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