New Coin Shop in Adelaide

Adelaide’s Newest Coin Shop

We did it. One thing. A huge thing. We, as writers of this Blog and owners of The Purple Penny opened a coin shop. It’s that thing you discuss that’s a dream and “we’d like to do that one day”. Well we did -it was now or never, a bucket list thing. A real physical shop with glass cabinets, an EFTPOS machine named Albert and trading hours that must be adhered to. The relaxed northern suburb of Adelaide, named after Sir Douglas Mawson, ‘Mawson Lakes’ is the new home of The Purple Penny.

Facebook followers of The Purple Penny took the build journey with us from cramped psychologist offices to an open showroom and designated areas for the business to grow. A meeting room, office, storage room, packing room and a teeny kitchen make up The PP’s new digs. Sorry we’ve been so quiet lately but you can see now what we’ve been up to.

Located at shop 2, 2-4 Hurtle Parade Mawson Lakes the coin shop opened with much fanfare including a live cross on Facebook’s “The Gravy Train” coin collecting group. Purple balloons helped customers and visitors locate the new coin store and were welcomed by guide dog pup in training Tully in a fitting purple (RSB) coat. The new coin shop is open Wednesdays to Fridays 10am to 4pm and Saturdays 9am to 1pm. If you are in Adelaide and are interested in coin collecting or have anything to sell -coins, stamps, gold coins, silver, old coins, medals, tokens, military items then we’d love to see you. We are just a short walk (500m) from Mawson Lakes (bus and train) interchange so we’re easily accessible from all areas of the city and surrounds. Mawson Lakes is also a great place to sit by the lakes with a fish and chip lunch or a packed cheese sandwich and thermos.

Let’s take a pictoral trip through the exhausting journey we’ve taken in the last few months.

New Beginnings for The Purple Penny.

A lot was coming down and a new door was going in.

The blank canvas.

Neat and tidy, ready for shopfittings!

Glass cabinets, shelves and a shop counter on the inside…

…..signs on the outside

Cabinets filled with coins!

Opening day bustle

We did it! New shop open for business.

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