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Adelaide Coin Swap

After the buzz at yesterdays 2019 International Year of Indigenous Languages 50c coin launch it was great to once again trek into Adelaide City with my guide dog in training Pupstar Tully. Having to rely on public transport we arrived in Rundle Mall well prepared with the idea that we’d be carrying home a lot of change! Having planned for a fair bit of waiting in a queue we were surprised to find the best scenario of a no-wait queue! I’m told the crowd and long wait had been and gone since opening at 8am when we arrived around 9:30. This made for quite an easy “get to the end of the line” pirouette to purchase or rather swap cash for coins.

Royal Australian Mint (RAM) happy friendly staff had both new commemorative coins available, the 2019 International Year of Indigenous languages 50c and the 2019 100 years of Repatriation red coloured $2 coin. All in $10 sachets limits at the time were 10 each per person per lineup (or pirouette). The RAM pop-up shop was conveniently located directly opposite the Commonwealth Bank with it’s 5 ATM’s, how appropriate. After we’d made our swaps we returned home myself now the packhorse. Back home just in time for morning tea!

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