Split Planchet Coin Errors Part 2 -Coin Struck on a Split Planchet

Australian 5 Cent Coin Split Planchet

Australian 5 Cent Coin Split Planchet

In the previous entry about Split Planchet Errors I mentioned that there were 2 main types of split planchet error coins. Those where the planchet split those coins that were struck and then the coin split. Shown here are examples of the planchet splitting before coin was struck. The thin underweight planchet then being fed into the press resulting in a weak incomplete strike. The metal striations you can see on the reverse of these 5 cent errors are the inside split face of the planchet. The strike on the coin above is so weak that the date is not fully visible and each coin is underweight approximately half the weight of a regular 5 cent piece.

Fiji 1969 5 Cent Error

Fiji 1969 5 Cent Error

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