Elizabeth II Australian Threepence

Australian 1956 Threepence

Australian 1956 Threepence


Elizabeth II – Mary Gillick

Legend (1953-54): ELIZABETH . II. DEI. GRATIA. REGINA +
Legend (1955-64): ELIZABETH . II. DEI. GRATIA. REGINA. F: D: +


Wheat Stalk and Ribbon Device – George Kruger Gray

Legend: Australia Threepence


50% Silver, 40% Copper, 5% Zinc, 5% Nickel


1.41 g


16 mm (5/8″)

Actual Silver Weight (ASW)

0.02267 tr.oz.

The last of the pre-decimal Australian threepence were minted under the monarchy of Queen Elizabeth the second. Each year was minted in Australia. The only historical fact of note was the changing of the legend on the obverse in the first two minting years. The abbreviation F:D (an abbreviation of Fidei Defensor which is Latin for defender of the faith) had been removed and this caused a storm of controversy in conservative Australian society. As a result the abbreviation was returned on the obverse legend from 1955 onwards until the final year of production in 1964.

As noted above the Elizabeth II Australian threepence was released with two different obverses with the only difference being the legend. The reverse used the same wheat stalk/ribbon device as the George VI threepence.

The first two years coins provide the most difficulty for the collector with prices being quite high due to their low circulation. Other harder years are the 1956, 1959 and 1961 coins. That being said the serious collector should really look for the Elizabeth II 3d in UNC or better condition. Gem condition coins for 1962 through to 1964 not that difficult to find and should be purchased in preference to those in (merely) uncirculated condition. Coins graded by PCGS for these years in MS65 or better can often be purchased for under $50, very affordable for such quality. Type collectors should look to the 1962 issue as it is usually well struck up and readily available in GEM grades.

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