George V Australian Threepence

Australian 1926 Threepence

Australian 1926 Threepence


King George V – Sir E. Bertram Mackennel



Australian Coat of Arms William Henry James Blakemore

Legend: Threepence


92.5% Silver, 7.5% Copper


1.41 g


16 mm (5/8″)

Actual Silver Weight (ASW)

0.04193 tr.oz.

The George V three pence was issued from 1911 till 1936. From 1911 till 1915 it was struck in London, and from 1916 was struck in Australia. From 1916 to 1921 coins struck in Melbourne were signified by the M mintmark on the reverse, whereas coins struck in the Sydney mint had no distinguishing marks.. From 1922 onwards the coin was struck with no mint mark.

The obverse of the George V threepence shows a portrait of the Monarch as designed by Australian scultpor Bertram Mackennal and has 121 rim denticles. As is usual for Australian pre-decimal coinage of this monarch one of the key indicators of the condition of the obverse is the ‘pearls’ in the rim of the crown. The reverse of the George V 3d shows the same Australian Coat of Arms as the Edward VII coin, but with 115 rim denticles.

Most of the key 3d coins fall into the George V period. The 1922/21 overdate (perhaps 800 examples) and 1915 coins are the most desirable coins of the series. Other coins of interest in the series are the 1912 and 1923 issues. There is another overdate issue in 1934/33 but this is quite common and should be sought in grades of EF or better. Care should be taken when examining 1934 threepence coins from bulk lots or in coin dealer’s stock as the 1934/3 overdate can sometimes be found unidentified, a happy windfall for the collector with a good yee. If the collector can afford it the 1922/21 overdate should be purchased in any condition in which it is available or affordable. Collectors looking for a type coin from the George VI series should strongly consider the 1936 coin. It is found well struck up, often proof like, and is affordable in choice uncirculated condition.

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