Australian Decimal Banknote Plate Identification Letters

The current Renniks Australian Coin and Banknote Values catalogues lists just two Australian decimal notes with Plate Identification Letters (PILs). These are the 1991 $10 R-313a (Fraser/Cole) and 1991 $50 R-513a (Fraser/Cole). This article will display locations of PILs on other decimal notes.

Australia 1974 $2 R-86 (Knight / Wheeler)

Currently observed PIL on OCR-B Centre Thread (R-86b) and Side Thread (R-86c). PIL can be found in curl of wool immediately above and to the right of rear leg of ram on front of note.

1976 Knight / Wheeler $2 OCR-B Center Thread with Plate Letter D

1976 Knight / Wheeler $2 OCR-B Side Thread with Plate Letter O

Australia 1974 $5 R-205 (Phillips / Wheeler)

Currently observed with and without Plate Identification Letter. PIL can be found in first gumnut up from the bottom of the branch immediately to the left of the portrait of Banks on the front of the note.

1974 Phillips / Wheeler $5 with Plate Letter T

Australia 1988 $10 R-310a First Issue (Johnston / Fraser)

Currently observed with Plate Identification Letter. PIL can be found in the upper foliage of the tree immediately above the numeral 0 of 10 on the lower left front of the note.

1988 Johnston / Fraser $10 with Plate Letter V

Australia 1989 $20 R-412 (Fraser / Higgins)

Currently observed with Plate Identification Letter. PIL can be found just among the swirls just the left of the neck of the portrait of Kingsford-Smith on the front of the note.

1989 Fraser / Higgins $20 with Plate Letter R

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