Anzac Albany 2014 AL Counterstamp Dollar 100 Years of Anzac Commemorative Coin

2014 100 Years of ANZAC AL Counterstamp Dollar

2014 100 Years of ANZAC AL Counterstamp Dollar

November 1st 2014 will be 100 years since the first convoy of troops left Australian soil going to the First World War. Celebrations in Albany will be held from October 30th to November 2nd which include the Royal Australian Mint travelling to Western Australia with the mobile coin press. In Albany they will be striking an “AL” counterstamp onto the 2014 circulating commemorative dollar 100 years of Anzac -The Spirit Lives. These special counterstamped coins will have a mintage of 15,000 struck and will be $10 each and available at the event only.

It’s expected that Albany will be abuzz with visitors for the events and to secure one of these counterstamped coins. The Royal Australian Mints mobile coin press will be operating in the Stirling Terrace Mess Hall alongside artisan market stalls and pop-up food stalls in the tradition of V-Day street parties.

If you plan to attend the events see the Anzac Albany website for more detailed information.

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