Historical Silver Bullion Price Spreadsheet

We’re pleased to be able to provide you with our Historical Silver Bullion Price Spreadsheet completely free of charge. Our spreadsheet allows you to examine the price of silver bullion across pretty much any time period you need via a graph and a table of data. You could easily use the data for other purposes, such as tracking the change in value of your silver stack over time. Our Historical Silver Bullion Price Spreadsheet is built in Microsoft Excel and fetches the closing London Fix Silver Price from the internet. You can easily use the spreadsheet to maintain your own historical record of the value of silver over time.

Historical Silver Bullion Price Spreadsheet

The Excel Historical Silver Price Spreadsheet

The Excel Historical Silver Price Spreadsheet

Above you can see an image of the silver spreadsheet in action. Using it couldn’t be any easier, just follow these simple instructions:

  1. Select a Start Date. The date format will be determined by your computer’s regional settings so the silver spreadsheet will work regardless of where you are in the world.
  2. Select an End Date. Make sure this is after the Start Date.
  3. Select the currency you want to view the results in using the Currency drop down box.
  4. Click the Get Silver Price History button and watch the spreadsheet work it’s magic.

If everything works as expected you’ll see the graph update with the historical silver price information for the date range you’re interested in. The table of silver prices can be found in the Silver Prices worksheet of the Excel spreadsheet.

System Requirements

You’re going to need Excel 2007 or newer for this to work on your system. You’re also going to need to enable macros for the Silver Spreadsheet so it can work correctly.


Right now the spreadsheet is limited to 50 updates per day. Which means you’ll be restricted to clicking the Get Silver Price History 50 times per day. Of course, this should be more than enough for anyone’s purposes.

How do you get the Silver Bullion Spreadsheet?

It couldn’t be any easier. Just download it using the download button below!

Historical Silver Bullion Price Spreadsheet

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