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Silver price US$15.22 per oz from Currency Layer, price current on 13 July 2019 at 08:04:01
Current Exchange Rate: AUD:USD 1.424304:1 | CAD:USD 1.30535:1 | EURO:USD 0.885935:1 | GBP:USD 0.79542:1

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Current Coin Values, Bullion Prices and Exchange Rates

AUD $7.40
Australian 1966 Round 50c
AUD $474.95
Gold Sovereign
AUD $594.57
Australian $200 Gold Coin
AUD $21.67
Silver Price (per Oz)
AUD $2,017.43
Gold Price (per Oz)
USD $0.7021
Australian Dollar

These values are updated hourly using New York market prices. Coin values are purely the value of the gold or silver they contain and do not account for any numismatic value.
Prices Last Updated: 22:04 13 Jul 2019

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