Collecting the Florin

Australian Florin Obverses

Australian Florin Obverses

The Australian Florin is undoubtedly the most collected silver coin in Australia’s history. The Australian 2s was issued from 1910 to 1963. Years that it was not issued were 1920, 1929, 1930, 1937, 1948, 1949, 1950 and 1955. The 1914H, 1915 and 1932 are considered rare and the 1911, 1912, 1933 and 1939 are considered scarce. When collecting the complete Florin series the collector should always apply the quality over quantity principle. Buy the best grade that you can afford at the time, and over the years you could try to upgrade each coin as you come across a better example and the budget permits. Current prices are such that even on a low budget the collector should be able to collect most post 1938 coins in UNC or better condition, the exception being 1939. Even the commemorative Florins are easily accessible with the exception being the Centenary Florin.

For type collectors there is no choice when selecting the Edward VII series with the 1910 issue being the only year it was run. The 1922 Florin is generally a weakly struck year. The relatively large size and weight of the Florin, combined with prominent unprotected fields in the design, make the coin susceptible to bag marks, nicks and scratches in the manufacturing process before the coins even reached circulation. There are some known examples of counterfeit Florins. Some obviously fake cast types but some very realistic struck examples. These forgeries were circulated through the years 1926, 1927, 1928 and 1931.

If you’re interested in collecting Australian Florins by reverse design (neglecting mint-marks) then the set only comprises 8 coins. Below we’ve constructed 3 sets for those on different budgets. The Budget Set can be had for under $400 with the Centenary Florin costing the majority of this. The Intermediate Set would cost under $1000 and include some nice uncirculated coins as well as handsome examples of each commemorative florin. The Advanced Set is for the collector who is looking for a quality set but still within a reasonable budget. This set feels the pinch of the value of the 1910 florin which makes up more than half the value of the set in uncirculated condition. Note that the values below are estimates only and current as of 5 December 2015.

Budget Intermediate Advanced
Edward VII Florin Well Circulated 1910 Florin $40 VF 1910 Florin $200 UNC $2,500
George V Florin Any well circulated 1911-1936 Florin $10 EF 1931 or 1936 Florin $75 Choice UNC 1931 or 1936 Florin $500
George VI Florin Any well circulated 1946-52 Florin $5 UNC 1944S Florin $60 Gem $250
Elizabeth II Florin Any well circulated 1953-1963 Florin $3 UNC 1962 or 1963 Florin $20 Gem $150
1927 Parliament Florin Circulated $8 EF $50 Gem $400
1934-35 Centenary Florin Circulated $300 AU $400 Choice UNC $750
1951 Federation Florin Circulated $5 AU $20 Gem $150
1954 Royal Visit Florin Circulated $5 AU $20 Choice UNC $150
$376 $845 $4,850

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