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2017 Next Generation $10 Note Design Revealed

The design for the Next Generation $10 was revealed today by the Reserve Bank of Australia. It will be released into circulation from September 2017 exactly one year after the Next Generation $5 note was also issued. This will be

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Canadian Mint Employee Heads to the Dark Side

Do you have some gold tucked away in a safe place? This Mint worker did! He was quite literally sitting on a gold mine. The now ex-Canadian Mint employee hid various sized gold pieces in his rectum to evade detection

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2017 Kangaroo and Joey 2 Cent Pattern Coin -Stuart Devlin Exhibition

The coin above is titled the Stuart Devlin Exhibition coin and is released to coincide with an exhibition currently being shown at the Royal Australian Mint in Canberra. On display is some of the works by Goldsmith and jeweller to

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Centenary of the Trans-Australian Railway First Coins Struck for 2017

After seven summer nights camped by the front door of the Royal Australian Mint in Deakin, ACT, 16 year old Belconnen teen Luke Marshall woke for the day he had been waiting for. Camped out since Christmas Day he couldn’t

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Q&A Machine Doubling Damage MDD, A Readers Coin

Question: “I have a beautiful 1966 1cent piece. clear doubling visable on entire front of coin (date,name,crown,head,nose and more.” Our reader supplied the images and we were happy to advise what was going on with their coin. Many thanks for

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Error Coin Spotlight -1975 50 Cent Off Centre Error

We posted this error coin up on the Coin Blog’s Facebook page and had a massive response reaching almost 4,000 of our readers so we thought pertinent to include it here as it’s a really stunning and obvious mint error

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Error Coin Spotlight – 1966P 2c Broadstrike

As no design elements of the coin design are missing this coin which failed to engage with the collar die correctly must be classified as an uncentered broadstrike. It appears to be a Perth minted coin which is a scarce

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Error Coin Spotlight – 1966 London 20 Cent Planchet Flaw Error

This London minted 1966 20 cent has a detached planchet flaw. The flaw was certainly there when the coin was struck as there is no indication of the design of the coin “flowing” into the missing part of the design.

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2015 2 Dollar Remembrance Orange Coloured Coin

The orange coloured $2 coin you might have found in your change marks Remembrance Day 2015 and the coins orange coloured rings resemble the glow of a sunset. Remembrance Day 11/11/2015 recalled 100 years since the poem “In Flanders Fields”

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Convict Love Token Exhibition in Ballarat

The Museum of Australian Democracy at Eureka (M.A.D.E.) in Ballarat currently has on display a 45 piece collection of convict love tokens that date from 1791-1843. Until 22 Jan the display features these rare keepsakes given to loved ones before

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