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Error Coin Spotlight -2002 5 Cent Struck Through Oil Error

Today’s spotlight is an example of the type of error seen quite often on circulating coins although not usually seen to the extent that we see on the example pictured. Shown here is a 2002 5c with the obverse weakly

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Error Coin Spotlight – Low Pressure Strike 1966-1984 5 Cent

The error coin pictured above in today’s error coin spotlight is a very nice example of a die adjustment strike, weak strike or touch strike Australian 5 cent piece. These are all names used for this type of error coin.

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The Royal Australian Mint Trans-Australia Tour

The Canberra Mint is touring the country with the mobile coin press in celebration of 100 years of the Trans-Australian railway. At each location the RAM visits you will have the chance to swap real money from your pockets and

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2017 Lest We Forget Coloured 2 Dollar

ANZAC Day 2017 and this year the Royal Australian Mint has released another coloured $2 coin “Lest We Forget” to remember the honour, bravery and sacrifice of those who served our country. Over 4 million of these coins have been

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A Partial Engagement –the story of partial collar errors

This article was published in the Australasian Coin and Banknote Magazine, March 2017 issue and was written by the Australian Coin Collecting Blog.Subscribe here to CAB magazine. What is a Partial Collar Error? The Partial Collar Error is an interesting

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85th Anniversary of the Sydney Harbour Bridge

Eighty five years ago today the Sydney Harbour Bridge was opened with much fanfare. Declared a public holiday, March 19th 1932 was a rush of celebrations, the bridge opened with the cutting of a ribbon. The ornate scissors used were

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Legends of the ANZAC: Medals of Honour Colection to Hit the Newsstands Soon

Beginning April 8th and being sold via newspaper outlets for 2 weeks is another series of collector coins. In partnership with the Royal Australian Mint, News Corp Australia, Legacy and Westpac four 25 cent coins will be made in copper-plated

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Sydney Harbour Bridge 50th Anniversary The Australian Numismatic Society Medal

This 34 millimeter medal was struck in 1982 for the 50th anniversary of the opening of the Sydney Harbour Bridge. Struck by Amor Sanders Pty Ltd the medal was issued by the Australian Numismatic Society. It was struck in bronze

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You Can Lead a Mule To Water But You Can’t Make It Think

The media and the public embraced our article from last week about the dollar coin you can find in your pocket that could be worth $1,000! This has sent people into a frenzy checking jars of coins, money boxes, spare

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That Dollar Coin In Your Pocket Might Be Worth $1000

Do you know which dollar coin you might find in your change, pocket or piggy bank could be worth $1,000 or even more? Check the date, it needs to be a year 2000 dated $1 coin. Then you need to

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