2021 50th Anniversary of the Aboriginal Flag Coloured $2

2021 Coloured Aboriginal Flag $2

2021 is the 50th Anniversary of the Australian Aboriginal flag and is depicted on this coloured $2 coin struck by the Royal Australian Mint. The striking representation of the flag on the coin shows a circular band of black and red with the central yellow sun left unpainted as the golden aluminium bronze alloy shines through. The bands are meticulously lined up in the printing process to feature the horizon. Underneath the coloured paint is always a textured surface allowing for adhesion of the paint and for this coin that raised surface features miniature flags.

The coin is set to circulate in 2021 but prior to this is available in collector sets. In uncirculated quality this is the 2021 mint set and in special proof version in the 2021 proof set. Each set has unlimited mintage. The mint set is available at issue price of $30 and the proof set is issued at $120.

2021 Aboriginal Flag Proof Set

2021 Aboriginal Flag Uncirculated Mint Set

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