Australian Indent Coin Errors

2002 Outback Dollar with Indent from 5 Cent Blank

Interestingly termed, an “Indent” error coin occurs when 2 planchets are accidentally fed into the collar at once. Consequently the dies will press the coin blanks together creating a partial blank on one side. This may fully or only partially obscure the design. An indent may occur with the same blank or a totally different shaped or sized blank. This will result in a depression in the lower coin the shape of the upper blank. The coin pictured above is of the rarer type where a blank of a different denomination was fed into the collar. It is an Australian 2002 Outback design one dollar where a 5 cent blank has been fed in simultaneously. The coin below is a penny with a threepence impression. Both spectacular error coins.

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If the indent occurs when an already struck coin obscures the striking ie. the last coin didn’t exit the press fast enough then you will see a brockage or part brockage impression in the indented area. There is no blank design because the obscuring coin was struck but the brockage impression will be incuse and a mirror image of what it struck against. You can see this on the coin below, a penny that just caught the previous coin that didn’t escape fast enough.

1958 Penny Indent with Partial Brockage

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