Australian 1966 10c Mint Marks

Australia 1966 10c - London Mint (left), Canberra Mint (right)

Australia 1966 10c – London Mint (left), Canberra Mint (right)

The 1966 10c coin was minted at the Royal Australian Mint in Canberra (10,940,000 coins) and the London branch of the Royal Mint (30,000,000 coins). Distinguishing the two coins isn’t too hard and can be seen easily above. Look on the reverse of the coins for the three lyre bird feathers toward the top of the coin. The die marker is on the centre feather, on the Canberra coin the last spur of the feather has been removed. You can see this clearly on the image above, the spur is circled on the London minted coin, and the same spot (with the missing spur) circled on the Canberra minted coin.

You can find out about the other 1966 decimal coin mint marks by looking at our 1966 Australian decimal coin mint mark article.

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