2018 Adelaide Coin and Banknote Expo Show Report

It’s been a week since the 2018 Adelaide Coin and Banknote Expo and we think we’ve recovered enough to actually write a report on the Expo. Firstly, we’ve got to say wow! Secondly, we’ve got to say WOW! The first 4 hours on Saturday of the Expo at the Torrens Parade Grounds in Adelaide was simply the busiest time at an Australian coin show we’ve ever attended as either a dealer or collector. We had people trying to get in well before the opening time of 10am and when the doors opened at 10 there was an avalanche of collectors, those with an interest in history, and people wanting to get their collections valued. We had three tables at the show and it’s with little exaggeration that we say the time from 10am to closing at 5pm on Saturday passed in a flash. It’s the first time as dealers we simply did not have time to look around other dealer’s tables looking for interesting items or bargains.

The Door of the Torrens Parade Grounds

We thought perhaps we were imagining how busy it was but dinner on Saturday night with other dealers had them telling us the same thing! There were a lot of smiles and enthusiasm from them and delight at how well attended the Expo was. All we can say is kudos must go to Richard Welling of Ye Olde Coin Co. for doing such a fabulous job promoting and organising the Expo. Thanks must also go to the hard working members of Numismatic Society of South Australia who helped setup the tables prior to the Expo, staffed the welcome table, and then helped pack the whole lot up when it was done.

The Calm Before the Storm

Sunday was not as busy as Saturday, but again the time between 10am and closing at 4pm flew by and before we knew it we were packing up our table and heading home. Highlight of the Expo for us was the lovely people we got to meet during each day. It’s always amazing to be able to talk to our fellow collectors about common interests, to see amazing errors, and to get to look through collections for the first time. The author’s favourite find of the show was this tiny little Nelson Centenary Medallet.

Click image to enlarge

Thanks must go to all the people who attended the Expo. Also we must commend the dealers who travelled distances long and short to have tables. Dealers of note included Sterling & Currency, S&T Collectables, John Watson, At the Toss of a Coin, Ye Olde Coin Co., The Purple Penny, Edlins, Comm Coinage, and Downies. For a full list of dealers who attended (and a picture of their tables) take a look at the Adelaide Coin Expo Facebook page. Like and follow the page to keep up with all the news for the 2019 Expo, surely bigger and better!

That’s all we’ve got for this year. Bring on 2019!

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