2013 Australian Mining 20 cent (20c)

2013 Australian Mining 20 Cent

2013 Australian Mining 20 Cent

The 2013 Australian Mining 20 cent released by the Royal Australian Mint is found only in the Australian Mining 2 coin sets. It’s paired with the Discovery of Gold one dollar both by coin designer Aleksandra Stokic. Serbian born Aleksandra is constantly surprising us with her talents, her skill shines through in this design.

Struck in 11.3g cupro-nickel the 2013 Australian Mining 20c is 28.52mm in diameter and is a legal tender coin that wont be released into circulation. It’s limited to a maximum mintage of 40,000 coins in the 2 coin uncirculated sets. The reverse design features a bucket wheel excavator commonly used in large open-cut mines. These machines are known as the largest land vehicles in the Guiness Book of World Records and the wheel can measure up to 20 meters in diameter and have as many as 20 buckets.

Mining is the backbone of Australian industry and this fitting design marries perfectly with the Discovery of Gold one dollar. Minted with the Ian Rank-Broadley obverse of Queen Elizabeth II.

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