Australian Coin Review (ACR) May 1975 Table of Contents

Below you can see the table of contents for the May 1975 edition of Australian Coin Review (ACR) magazine.

Book reviews
Commonwealth of coins
Has the lustre gone out of the kruger rand?
New Ceres medal (FAO)
New cupronickel coin for Mexico
New edition of catalogue for coins of British Oceania. A guest book review
Record number of Canadian coins struck in 1974
Singapore mintage figures
Stanley Scott collection to be sold
The note collectors page. The Brewer and Joske notes of Fiji
What is a coin?
Where have all the jeton's gone?


The use of the contents of these magazines has been allowed with the kind permission of John Mullhall, the current editor of the Australasian Coin and Banknote magazine. If you’d like to subscribe to CAB or purchase back issues (he has tonnes and tonnes of back issues) then please pick up the current issue from your newsagent or friendly coin dealer or email him for more information. A list of available back issues regularly appears in the magazine as well as subscription information. You can subscribe online at magshop. John is a tireless worker and a big contributor to the hobby in Australia and deserves our support!

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