The 1927 Parliament Florin

1927 Parliament Florin with portrait of King George V

1927 Parliament Florin with portrait of King George V

Obverse King George V – Sir Edgar B Mackennal


Reverse Parliament House, Canberra – George Kruger Gray

Legend: Parliament House Australia 1927 One Florin

Composition 92.5% Silver, 7.5% Copper
Mass 11.31 g
Size 28.5 mm (1 1/8″)
Actual Silver Weight (ASW) 0.33639 tr.oz.
Mintage 2,000,000

This Australian Commemorative Florin was struck for the Opening of Parliament House in Canberra in May 1927. It is the first of the commemorative issues. The reverse design of the Parliament Florin features Parliament House framed in an ornamental panel and resting on crossed maces, with the date also in a heavily ornamented panel. This design (Gray’s first) is regarded as one of George Kruger Gray’s most delicate efforts in design.

The circulating coin was hoarded by the public as “a good-looking first commemorative” and is still readily available in uncirculated and better grades. It’s not unusual to find the 1927 Parliament florin with very attractive (and colourful) toning, some dealers refer to coins with this sort of toning as “ex-Bob Roberts hoard”, with Bob Roberts being the owner of well known Sydney coin dealer Wynyard Coins. In recent years some collectors have become interested in the quality of strike of the Parliament florin and like to measure this quality of strike by counting the steps in front of Parliament House on the reverse. A “3 step” coin is considered well-struck while a “4-step” coin is exceptional and difficult to find.

If you want to know what your 1927 Parliament Florin is worth you should take a look at this page.

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