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1995 50 Cent Weary Dunlop The 50th Anniversary of the End of WWII

1995 marked the 50th Anniversary of the end of WWII. It was at this time that Australian Prisoners of War (POW’s) being held by the Japanese were released. The 1995 50 Cent released into circulation commemorates the life of Sir Edward

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Error Coins on Display at The Royal Australian Mint Part 2

Visiting the Royal Australian Mint is always a pleasure and they often surprise visitors with new displays and exhibitions. On our recent visit we noted a few new errors that didn’t escape the Mint and remain captive in their First

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The Complete Guide to Australian 50 Cent Coins

This guide gives a complete list of standard sized dodecagonal Australian 50 cent coins issued. Standard coins are 12 sided, made from copper-nickel, weigh 15.55 grams and are 31.55 millimeters in diameter. We’ve also written an article about 50 cent

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1988 First Fleet Bicentenary Fifty Cent Coin

In 1988 Australia celebrated 200 years since the arrival of the First Fleet. Captain Arthur Phillip led the party of 11 ships to the founding of Sydney and the colonisation of New South Wales. Arriving between 18-20th January 1788 1,487

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Coin Errors of Interest A Multiple Strike 1946 Shilling

Compared with how many coins are minted in a production run, the rate of error is quite small. The coin shown is a very interesting example of an error coin. On first glance it looks like it may have been

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The Die Cap Coin Error

Above is an example of a type of coin error known as a die cap, bottle cap or bottle top coin error. This particular coin is on display at The Royal Australian Mint in their First Floor display area showing

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Rabbit Ear Dollar Errors

Since the introduction of the one dollar coin in 1984 a weak spot on reverse die for the the 5 mob of roos design has resulted in a variety of the dollar coins which you might find in your change.

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Flip Over Double Struck Error

We’ve talked about double struck coin errors and rotated double struck coin errors but the most uncommon of double strike errors is the ‘flip over double strike’. This error might occur when a previously struck coin returns to the coining

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Australian 1966 20c Obverse Die Differences

A well known Australian decimal variety expert mentioned recently on the Australian Coin and Banknote Forum* that not only does the reverse of the 1966 20c coin show distinct mint marks, but also the obverse die shows differences between coins

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Australian 1934-35 Centenary Florin

On June 21st 1934 it was announced in the “Argus”, the Melbourne daily newspaper of the time, that arrangements had been made between Centenary officials, representatives of the British Treasury and the Commonwealth Government for a special commemorative florin to

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