Error Coins on Display at The Royal Australian Mint Part 2

Visiting the Royal Australian Mint is always a pleasure and they often surprise visitors with new displays and exhibitions. On our recent visit we noted a few new errors that didn’t escape the Mint and remain captive in their First Floor museum.

Errors seen on our last visit can be seen in a previous article.

The 50c coin below remains in the collar die. A press malfunction resulted in 2 blanks being fed in at once and the increased load has shattered the tungsten carbide collar.

50c and a cracked collar

50c and a cracked collar

Below is a Ramstrike 50c error similar to error coins we’ve spoken about before. The mis-alignment of the blank in the collar has superimposed a new set of corners or lugs on the coin.

Ramstrike 50c

Ramstrike 50c

Below a poorly cut blank has been struck resulting in an incomplete coin. This can be caused by a fault when the blanks are cut at the factory in South Korea. There are many different types of these errors that we’ve outlined in our error coin index.

Irregular Planchet

Irregular Planchet

Thank you to the RAM for displaying these errors in your museum.

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