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C-Day 14th February 1966 From Pounds to Dollars Decimal Changeover Day

It was excitement and deep interest as consumers deliberately spent money to obtain the new dollars and cents on C-day Monday February 14th 1966. Banks had been closed since the previous Wednesday to allow the transition to decimal accountancy and

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1982 Australian $200 Brisbane Commonwealth Games Gold Coin

Commemorating the Brisbane Commonwealth Games in 1982 a gold $200 coin was struck by the Royal Australian Mint. The XII Commonwealth Games logo can be seen on the commemorative 50c coin released into circulation. The 200 dollar gold issue features

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The 2001 Australian Centenary of Federation Series Circulation Coins

Commemorating the Centenary of Australia’s Federation, 2001 saw many coins released by the Royal Australian Mint for this special occasion. We’ve compiled a list so you can easily find the articles relevant to each issue. All of the coins listed

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The Complete Guide to PNC Issues Philatelic Numismatic Covers

A PNC or Postal Numismatic Cover is a joint release by the Mint (either Perth Mint or Royal Australian Mint) and Australia Post. It is an envelope usually with a design and a stamp, postmark and a coin insert. Unofficial

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1981 Australian $200 Charles and Diana Gold Coin

Following on from the $200 gold coin program started in 1980 with the Koala Reverse $200 gold coin was the Charles and Diana Royal Wedding $200 gold coin issued in 1981. Struck to brilliant uncirculated standard only it was minted

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Australian 50 Cent Coins : 2004 Student Design 50c

The 2004 student design 50c coin shown above was released by the Royal Australian Mint into general circulation. This 50c is the standard 31.51mm dodecagonal coin with plain edging. It is copper nickel weighing 15.55g. The obverse is the standard

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2002 Year of the Outback 50 cent

The 2002 Year of the Outback 50 cent coin shown above is a circulation 50c released by the Royal Australian Mint and can be found in your change. It commemorates 2002 as ‘Year of the Outback’ promoting the vast expanses

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2001 Centenary of Federation 50 Cent Coin

The Centenary of Federation 50c coin shown above is a circulation 50c coin in the 2001 series commemorating 100 years of Federation released by the Royal Australian Mint and can be found in your change. The reverse design features the

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Australian 50 Cent Coins : 2006 50c The Round 50c of 1966 Revisited

When Australia changed to decimal currency in 1966 the 50c was originally round in shape, was made of 80% silver and depicted a young Queen Elizabeth II her portrait designed by Arnold Machin. It was quickly withdrawn from circulation as

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1998 Bass and Flinders 50 Cent Coin

1998 commemorated 200 years since the voyage of George Bass and Matthew Flinders which proved that Tasmania was an island. This voyage in 1798 in the sailing boat the “Norfolk”, Bass and Flinders circumnavigated the island of Van Diemen’s Land

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