2015 $2 Red Lest We Forget Rolls

Over the last 6 weeks or so there has been much frothing at the mouth by collectors over the bags of 2015 $2 red coloured Lest We Forget coins. These security bags were getting over $600 a bag in the first day or two that they appeared and prices have slowly subsided to around $100 a bag. Honestly, if you paid $600 for a bag then you’re buried in it. But they are probably decent value now if you like ‘investing’ (gambling) on the future value of coins. We never promote the idea of investing (gambling) in modern mint releases but if you do want to maximise the potential for returns then BUY LOW. Buying low is not possible immediately after the appearance of a new release, it is almost invariably better to wait for prices to settle.

Well, we thought we’d seen the last of the hysteria surrounding these coins but in the last week security rolls showing the 2015 red two dollar coins at each end have started appearing. Prices haven’t been completely ridiculous like the security bags but they have been faintly amusing, with people paying $200 or more to get a roll. Prices have now settled at just under $200 with any number of rolls available to purchase online. Personally we thing you’re totally taking luck into your hands buying these rolls for the following reasons:

1) They ARE NOT OFFICIAL MINT ISSUE. They are just rolls produced by security companies (Prosegur seems to be the only issuer so far). So don’t go buying these if you think you’re missing out on some special issue from the RAM.

2) There’s no guarantees the entire roll contains 2015 red $2 coins. Your nice $200 roll could have one red coin in it only. Or 25. You’ll never know unless you open it.

3) Sellers touting that the quality of coins is better really have no idea unless they start busting the rolls open. If rolls are loose they quality of coins can be terrible. If the coins have been handled excessively prior to rolling then the quality can be terrible. The point is that just don’t know until you start breaking the rolls. They might be better but unless you’re wanting to get the coins graded does it really matter?

I guess what we’re saying here is be cautious. It’s always disappointing to see early buyers paying so much for coins that are available at half or a third (or even 1/6th) the price just a few weeks later. If you’re wanting to buy one of these 2015 red $2 ANZAC remembrance rolls then please do, but take some deep breaths, and sit on your hands to keep them away from your computer mouse for a few weeks and you might just be able to buy one for half the price you can now.

Perhaps the hysteria has been because the Mint hasn’t released these coins as a collector issue, so far they’ve all been sent into circulation. This has made it difficult for collectors to pick these up at release prices. Stay tuned, a little birdie says we may see this red two dollar turn up in Mint packaging with a C mintmark sometime soon.

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